Baker’s Crust – Williamsburg Virginia

The Bakers crust has a very unique feel. The food and service are both good and the prices are reasonable.

I have been to this bakers crust several times and each time walk out feeling satisfied. They have a good variety of appetizers and entrees but the desserts really make this restaurant stand out. They have a delicious selection of what appear to be house desserts. I have made it my mission in life to try each of them :)

On our lates visit we did have a couple of small snags but the overall experience was still good. Snag 1 was that the sandwiches lacked meat. For someone who tried to concentrate on protein the protein to other stuff ratio was very low on the sandwich. THe second snag was the French Onion soup. The onions were very long and too tough to cut with the side of a spoon, this made the soup very difficult to eat. The third snag was our waitress. She decided to take a seat with the couple beside us and carry on a conversation. It seemed like the customers were regulars or she knew them personally. I just think its a bit unprofessional for a waitress to sit with customers. That being said she did make sure that were had everything we needed. She checked on us frequently and was quick with drink refills so this complaint is really just a nit-picky one.

All in all this place is well worth the money.

5234 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Phone: 757-253-2787
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