Little Italy Deli Ristorante – Newport News Virginia

I have nothing good to say about this place, and its not because the food was bad. To be honest the only item I have tried is a slice of pizza and that will be the only item I try. This is is my Wife’s experience at this restaurant. My wife walked in and the employees were gathered at the counter arguing about money, something about tips. The menu was taped the the counter. Unfortunately my wife couldn’t read it because one of the employees was leaning on the counter covering up the menu. She continued to stand there covering up the menu even though it was obvious my wife was trying to read it. Eventually one of them turned to her and said “Do you want to order something”

As for the pizza it was below average. The crust was as tough as leather and not very tasty. The cheese was of “Okay” quality but nothing special. It was at best underwhelming.

We won’t be going back. This place belongs on Restaurant Stakeout. Not much else to say other than its hard to find good help.

13175 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23608

Phone: 757-833-0300
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