Quaker Steak & Lube – Newport News Virginia

I can’t say that all the food here is bad but I can say stay away from the o-ring steak and cheese. This is one of the worst sandwiches I have ever had. First the steak was terrible quality and almost non existent. The filling was mostly just filler. Some mushy onion rings, way too many facon(bacon) bits(bacon in a steak and cheese? Really?) and a sickeningly sweet BBQ sauce that covered up the flavor of everything but the bacon. The roll was 5 times as thick as the filling and was so drenched in the sugar sauce, i mean bbq sauce, that it was just a pile of mush. They laid the sandwich open on the plate to make it look like it was loaded with steak but there might have been an inch of actual filling which again was more filler than meat. The meat was tiny bits of grisly string tough nearly inedible meat. I didn’t recognize anything in this sandwich that should have been called steak.
My wife got the grilled boneless wings which were in her words “Okay” not good but just okay. The wings came with Pita chips which would have been good if they had not been buried under the wings and sauce which basically just made them little piles of mush.
Both my wife and I also ordered the house made potato chips which I was very excited about but mine had a burned taste. They were dark which I though was going to be good because dark chips normally have a nice caramelized flavor but in this case they just tasted burned.
I saw the words “Award winning” mentioned several times on the menu but I would have to question any group that would award this food.
The only person who enjoyed his food was my 11 year old soon. So I guess if your are looking to satisfy the complex palette of an 11 year old this might be the place to go.
They even managed to ruin the sweet tea which was barely sweetened at all.
They also have motorcycles hanging from the ceiling suspended from wires directly above the tables which made me very uncomfortable. I would hope that they were light models of actual bikes but they looked heavy to me. And if they cant manage to cook food properly I really don’t trust the guy hanging the bike.
The only positive I can mention about this place is that our server was nice. When she walked to the table and saw that my wife and I had barely touched our food she got a look on her face that I could only describe as (Oh god another group doesn’t like the food). I cant imagine why this place stays in business other than the fact that it has a bar. which is where this food probably finds its home, in the belly of a bunch of drunk folks at 1am who would care less how the food tastes as long as it fills the hole.
Don’t wast your money. Even with a coupon which basically got us half off it wasn’t worth the price. In fact they would have to pay me to eat this food again.

12832 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23608

Phone: 757-874-5823
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