Saisaki Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar – Newport News

The service here was great and i loved the decor. The food was good. Not great but for the price really good. We ordered one of the chefs special sushi rolls and honestly i wasn’t a fan. The roll was served warmed and i don’t mean room temperature, i mean like it just came out of an oven. I think i prefer my sushi cold. I think next time i will opt for a standard roll, which are really cheaply priced btw. Especially compared to the special rolls. I really liked that they gave us free edamame as an appetizer. Also a small piece if cake for the family to share after dinner. Unfortunately the cake tasted a bit like it had been left uncovered in the fridge so you may want to opt to buy dessert instead but it was a nice thought and it was free. The entree was really good. I cant remember what it was called but it was basically jumbo shrimp batter fried with candied walnuts and a sweet sauce. All in all a really good spot with interesting dishes and very reasonable prices. As a side note i am a lover of sweet tea and normally at Asian restaurants they either don’t have sweet tea or it comes from a fountain which is not tea at all but the sweet tea here was some of the best i have ever had.

101 Regal Way
Newport News, VA 23602

Phone: 757-886-1988
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