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This place is over priced and nothing special. The ice cream is just Hershey’s soft serve which is always overpriced so I don’t blame that so much on this restaurant as I do Hershey’s over valuing their product however what I do blame on this restaurant is their inability to package their product properly. My son and I went in and ordered 4 small ice creams in cups. Unfortunately I didn’t know until she had already served it up that they don’t have lids for the small containers. There is no sign and the employee didn’t bother to tell me even though two people were ordering four ice creams. You would think that she would have realized that a couple of them were going to be traveling and mentioned. Or you would think that the owner would spring for the $.12 it would cost to give me a lid but I guess that’s cutting into the $2.50 per scoop price tag when you buy a small. Honestly I would have been ok with the price if the product would have been packaged with some forethought for their customers.
The employee did at least offer up a cup holder but the ice cream didn’t fit into it so the first corner I hit I had a scoop of chocolate in my front seat. The employee should have offered up a larger container and a lid because apparently they can afford lids for the other sizes. when I asked if they had run out of lids they said no we offer lids for this size.

All and all I am not impressed. I looked like they serve some sort of sandwiches or something and since this place is ten minutes from my house I would love to say I will edit my review once I try the food but I am so irritated by the lid thing that I wont be going back. As a message too all business owners out there, you have 1 shot to impress or completely turn off potential customers. Don’t lose money over something as simple as a Lid

I will say the employee was polite, although she didn’t really speak. They had a bunch of options for toppings but I have no idea if they were included because there was no attempt to offer me anything other than exactly what I ordered. Another message to business owners, up sells make up for a large portion of income for many businesses so when your employees fail to do so you lose money. I don’t expect a hard sell but a “Have you been here before?” and “Well since this is your first time here are your options” or “Would you like any toppings on that, they are $.50 each” and accept a simple no without pushing would be nice. At least then I know how the business operates and what my options are without having to give the employee the third degree.

Anyway, save your money and buy your ice cream elsewhere.

1617 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Gloucester Point, VA 23062

Phone: 804-642-6125
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