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So I decided to check out the Pita Pit in Williamsburg for lunch yesterday. I was hopeful. Pita normally brings to mind fresh quality healthy ingredients. Unfortunately this is not at all what I got. It may have been the item that I ordered so I think I will give it another chance but basically this was the sub way of Pita restaurants and operates in much the same way. You pick your pita type then you tell them which veggies and sauces to put in. Not a bad idea if the ingredients were a little better. I think the biggest problem that I had was the quality of the meat. It was very chewy and something that was in there, I suspect the bacon, was near impossible to get through. Unfortunately I threw half of the Pita away. I did pick a piece of chicken out and it tasted by itself just so I could get an idea of what the primary protein tasted like, and it was okay but really nothing special.

Another issue was that this really wasn’t served as you would expect pita bread to be served and the pita itself had more a tortilla texture than a pita texture which is probably why it looked more like a burrito than a pita. They basically split the pita in half so that it was flat, put the fillings in and rolled it up burrito style. The pita bread was very thin and completely turned to mush once the wet ingredients were added so as soon as I took the first bite it ruptured and poured inferior ingredients everywhere. I believe they may have also pulled the pitta “bread” (and I use that term loosely) from a steamer or put it in a steamer before serving it to me which if I am correct in that assumption, just exacerbated the problem with the “Bread” being way too delicate.

The price were not terribly high, But considering the quality of the product even that did not save this experience. It was about $8 for a Pita not even as big as a 6 inch sub and a small bag of chips.

The one good thing I can say about this place is that the employee who worked the register was very friendly and polite.

After having written all of this it makes me remember how much I didn’t enjoy the food so on second thought I don’t think a second chance is not in the future.

If your in the mood for a low quality Pitaritto then maybe this is the place for you. If you want a real Pita with good ingredients for now maybe you should make it at home.

249 Richmond Rd Suite 101 Map.d7ae2b6
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Phone: 757-565-7482
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