Mambo Grill – Newport News Virginia

My first impression was that this was going to be another fast food style Latin food establishment.  Its in a run down strip mall that also contains a head shop and a hooka joint if that tells you anything but sometimes first impressions are deceiving.  The owner/chef is a very friendly guy from Miami.  He greeted us immediately and began to explain the menu.  This was a pleasant surprise.  He made several recommendations and even offered a sample of his favorite dish.  A dish called Cerdo Frito. The dish consists of very tender cubes of pork seasoned perfectly.  I was sold immediately so I ordered the chefs recommendation.  It was served with with Yellow rice and beans and a side of Plantains.  The plantains were a bit under seasoned but with the addition of a little salt were delicious.  The rice however was perfectly cooked and seasoned. This is truly authentic Latin American cuisine at an extremely reasonable price. Unfortunately this restaurant is not in a good location for the type of food it serves and this has resulted in a very scaled down menu.  I look forward to seeing where the menu goes as the traffic increases.  If your in the mood for Authentic Latin American food the Mambo grill will not disappoint.

6139 Jefferson Avenue #L
Newport News, VA

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